Timings, dresscode, tickets & general info / charity
MINI-CONCERT LOCATION: Església de la Mare de Déu de BetlemC/ del Carme, 2, 08001 Barcelona
IN AID OF: Fundación Paliaclinic



SET-UP (Ed & volunteers)                                          09:00 – 09:45h
CLASSICAL CHOIR REHEARSAL                              09:45 – 10:45h

MAIN CHOIR ARRIVAL TIME                                    10:45h (essential that you are on time)
The choir will be entering from the MAIN door on C/ del Carme

WARM-UP/REHEARSAL                                             11 – 12:30h
(those only in classical choir are welcome to leave and come back, or sit and watch the rehearsal)
ARRIVAL OF PUBLIC                                                 12:40 – 13h   
MINI-CONCERT                                                           13h – 14h

BENCH MOVING (Ed & volunteers)                          14 – 14:15h

LUNCH at OCAÑA, Plaça Reial                                  14:30h – ??                        
I will send a separate e-mail confirming who has signed up for the lunch, and your meal choices, to make sure we have everything correct

  • As ever, black with a gold accessory if you have it (and if not, just black is fine!)

  • There is a secure space behind the space in which we are performing – this is where you will be able to leave bags during the concert
  • During the rehearsal you can keep any small bags on your person
  • Please COME DRESSED IN CONCERT ATTIRE – it will be tricky to get changed anywhere in the church buildings
  • Please try and bring AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE with you, and please note that the church doesn’t accept any responsibility for lost items


  • Concert tickets are “free” but with a suggested donation of €6 per person
    – If you / your friends are buying 2 or 3 tickets, you / they need to adjust the donation amount to reflect the number of tickets eg. €12 / €18 (or more / or less / or nothing!)
    – Please be sure to select the right ticket – either GENERAL ADMISSION, CHILDREN 6<10, CHILDREN 0<5
    – There is no pressure to donate, but clearly one of the main purposes of our winter concert is to raise money for charity, so thank you in advance for whatever you / your friends & family can give

  • It will also be possible for people to donate / donate more on the day of the concert – there will be a team of volunteers from Fundación Paliaclinic to share information and take direct donations
    If you as a singer in the choir wish to donate, you can do this on the day. 

  • The concert has less capacity than last year, as we are now not allowed to have any public on the balcony

  • To try and make things as fair as possible, I have limited the maximum number of tickets that you can buy at 3 per transaction

  • I will not share the ticket link on social media until MONDAY 27th NOVEMBER so that you have a chance to get your tickets first
    – Feel free to share the ticket link with your people, but please don’t post on Instagram or Facebook until next week
    – I will add the ticket link directly to the Facebook event page / Instagram profile
    – Clearly most of the audience will be your / our friends and families, but we do have some other fans too

  • There is NO reserved seating (except for the ticket volunteers and the charity representatives)

  • NO standing space allowed

  • Children under 5 may be asked to sit on the lap of their parent / guardian in the event that the concert is sold out

  • If we do sell out, there will be a waiting list activated in the event of any returns
    This is automatically controlled by the ticketing platform – so it’s not within my control

  • Evidently, there will only be tickets available on the door if there is capacity

  • Please don’t contact me directly about tickets
    I will contact anyone on the ticket waiting list if there are any more that become available through me directly, or in the case of returns

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