Session 1 – Dancing In The Street
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Session 1 – Dancing In The Street

Session 1 – Dancing In The Street

Please find under “Word sheets Dancing In The Street lyric sheets for each voice part (High, Middle and Low) – please print yours or have it available on a different device in advance of the session. 

High Voice – MONDAY 6th JULY – 19 – 20:15h
Link:             CLICK HERE!
Meeting ID:  824 4125 8610
Password:    BECHIGH

Middle Voice – MONDAY 6th JULY – 20:30 – 21:45h
Link:             CLICK HERE!
Meeting ID:  850 8658 3692
Password:    BECMID

Low Voice – TUESDAY 7th JULY – 19 – 20:15h
Link:             CLICK HERE!
Meeting ID:  818 8230 0107 
Password:    BECLOW

You will soon be able to find: 
– PDFs of word sheets I will be sure to attach them to the weekly e-mail also, but this is in case you want to access them online.
– Sheet music for your part In some cases there will be sheet music available for the songs – if this is helpful to you then feel free to download for your own personal use.
 Learning tracks & session recordings These will be posted the day after the live sessions, so you can catch up / practice if you’d like to.